imageStudies of habit formation have shown that it takes 21 days to form new habits. Planning your meals, and knowing what portion sizes look like, are key components of the new habits you need to create, to succeed on your health and fitness journey. Whether you are new to the 21-Day Fix, a fixer for life, or a coach, the PinPlanFix21 app helps users by loading your approved foods and recipes directly into your weekly mealplan. You can also generate your shopping list, create a prep list and pin recipes from other users that you plan to make this week, or in the future. PinPlanFix21 is your one stop shop for setting yourself up for success with your portion control containers!

push-pin  Pin

  • Pin your own recipes and save them to different boards ready to add to your mealplan
  • Pin recipes added by others in the PinPlanFix21 app community
  • Each recipe lists container counts per serving to make mealplanning a breeze

checked-box   Plan

  • Create a weekly mealplan based on your personal container goals,  approved colored food lists and your pinned recipes
  • App automatically checks you have the right number of containers for each day based on your settings

shopping-cart   Shop

  • Once your weekly meal plan is complete, the app generates a shopping list from your mealplan including the number of portions of each ingredient.
  • Simply check off items on your phone as you shop at the store.


  • As you add foods in your plan highlight those you’ll fix ahead of time, to create a separate food prep list.
  • Select what day of the week you do your mealprep to have the app remind you on your daily newsfeed

sharing-big-symbol  Daily Newsfeed

  • After you’ve created your meal plan for the week the app will show you your daily newsfeed which summarizes the meals you’ve planned for the day, and provides reminders of grocery and prep days, and your workout for the day.

This app is not owned by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Beachbody LLC. Beachbody LLC has not approved any of the material contained herein, and do not verify, warranty or confirm its accuracy. Please visit http://www.teambeachbody.com or purchase the 21-Day-Fix program for all information regarding the approved eating plan.


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