Welcome to PinPlanFix21

Welcome to PinPlanFIx21! In this first post I wanted to share a little with you about why I created the app and what I hope it will become.

I first started the 21 Day Fix in April 2015. I’m a married 37 year old mom of 2 young kids, and when I started my 21DFX journey I was struggling to lose the baby weight after my second child was born. I jumped into a challenge group a friend was leading and lost 10 lbs in my first 21 days… I was hooked. Within 4 months I had lost 35lbs and I knew I wanted to pay that success forward by becoming a coach myself (Discalimer: I am no longer a BB coach).

When I started coaching my own challenge groups I noticed several things that helped determine who succeeded and who didn’t. The first is that the people who went into the week the most prepared were the ones that were crushing their goals. Period. Even if they were working long hours, working shifts, traveling for work, up at night with babies… If they had a plan, and they prepped for their week, they were more successful. Because of this, creating a weekly meal plan became a real focus in my challenge groups, but that wasn’t always popular. Why? Because sitting down with a blank piece of paper and a list of colored containers was overwhelming to new challengers, and boring to seasoned fixers. The question to me as a coach was what to do about this? My brain craves order and planning, usually in the form of Excel spreadsheets… And before I knew it, the idea for PinPlanFix21 was born.

My hope is that newcomers to using their colored containers will find that the ability to add foods from the approved lists and actual recipes, will simplify the weekly meal planning process, and make it less daunting. And for experienced fixers, the ability to browse new recipes and have a dedicated place to pin and save those recipes will hopefully bring excitement back to meal planning, and maybe get them over a plateau. Problem solved. Actually no, not yet.

When I thought about my weekly planning and shopping process I realized my least favorite part is actually writing out my grocery list. And it turns out I’m not alone! The ability to automate the shopping list from the weekly meal plan was a must have in my app wish list. Ok great, create a weekly meal plan, get my shopping list. Are we done yet? Not quite.

At the beginning of my post I said that being prepared for the week was the biggest factor in challengers’ success. The meal plan is a huge part of that, but the second main component of success is fixing some foods ahead of time to stay on track for lunches, snacktimes, dinners on the run etc. As well as a shopping list, I knew I wanted to add a prep list so that is in there as well.

During the development of this app I’ve basically gone through my planning and prep process and simplified it and brought it all into one place for you. As the user base grows, the available recipes will grow… No more having to browse the internet or Pinterest for approved recipes. I’ll also be checking newly added recipes to make sure they meet container guidelines and that the container counts people have assigned seem reasonable per serving.

Which brings me to the final thing that seems to make challengers successful: Engagement with a community!! Those that interacted the most within my challenge groups were the ones who were most focused on their goals. So with that in mind, my dream is for the app to become a community to share recipes, ideas and motivation. There are already ideas in the works for future versions. There may be the ability to rate and comment on recipes you’ve tried. Perhaps a place to share prep tips. Oh and my favorite… the ability to search the recipes for specific container combinations – imagine being able to say, ok I need a dinner that has a yellow a red and a green, and have the app show you a list of possibilities. Pretty cool? Well, if my app developer hasn’t had a heart attack reading this, then, yes, all of this is possible. But for now, go ahead and download the app, play with it, and see how it can simplify your week and set you up for success!

NOTE: I am currently not a Beachbody Coach. This app is designed to support coaches and anyone using the colored container food system, and I’ve closed my CBC to remain compliant with Beachbody Policies and Procedures.

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