Overnight Oats… a breakfast staple!

Getting the day started right is so important but I’m sure our house is the same as yours in the morning… get your pj’s off, get dressed, get your shoes and socks on…. get your shoes and socks on….. oh for goodness sake…. get your shoes and socks on we’re going to be late!! I know it’s not just us! We all know that getting a good breakfast inside ourselves and our kids will make everyone’s day better but time can be an issue. Enter the overnight oats. These can be made up to 5 days ahead of time in mini mason jars or small Tupperware containers, and kept in the fridge ready to throw in the microwave for 30s when you get up. I love to get my kids involved in making them so they can experiment with different mix-ins and flavors. If they’ve made them themselves they seem far more likely to want to actually eat them! Some of their favorites combos right now are raisin and cinnamon, honey and unsweetened cocoa (referred to as candy oatmeal by our 2-year-old!), apple and cinnamon, raspberries and honey, and banana, honey and peanut butter. Count as a yellow container plus whatever toppings you add, and the Fix approved possibilites are endless. I’d love to hear what flavors you and your kids come up with!!

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