Why Create a Meal Plan?

So why take the time to create a weekly mealplan? I know, it sounds time-consuming. It doesn’t sound fun. But what’s the alternative? Did you forget to take the chicken out of the freezer again? Oops, better get take-out. Hmm, there’s nothing left in the fridge. Guess we’re having pizza. Got home late from soccer practice. Oh well, let’s grab Chik-Fil-A again. Don’t tell me this never happens in your house!

It might not be fun to create your weekly mealplan but guess what, it will save you time and money AND you’ll feel more organized and less stressed. Did you know that according to TIME magazine, home cooked meals cost 40 to 80% less than takeout meals? Take your own lunches to work and that’s $2,500 a year right there. Yep, and you control the source of the ingredients, the ingredients themselves, the sodium content…. I could go on but you get it.

Using the PinPlanFix21 App should make this whole process a whole lot easier and more fun. That was my whole goal when creating it! You get to try new Fix approved recipes, without the hassle of figuring out container counts, and writing a separate shopping list. A little planning before you go to the grocery store will save you so much time and money and help you reach those all important health and fitness goals too. You could even create your plan in school carline, shoot even in the parking lot when you get to the grocery store… All on your phone! Know you’re going to be home late Tuesday after soccer? Plan a crockpot meal for that night. Know that you’re going to be at a baseball tournament Saturday? Plan a meal for Friday night that leaves you portable leftovers for the next day.

I’ve seen it so many times in my challenge groups, people who plan and prep for their week hit their goals, and those that wing it fall off the Fix bus. In my next post I’ll talk about how I go about creating my weekly mealplan, and some ideas to get you started, but for now just download the app and start playing with it… It’s pretty intuitive, and if it’s not, well email me and tell me what we can do better!

fail to prepare-01


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